OpenVR Support

Important note

This mod is in BETA stage. There will be bugs. There will be issues. Particularly, there will be issues with latency.


This is a free, third-party mod that adds VR support to Grand Theft Auto V offline. A separate application is required to handle stereo injection. At this time, the only injector supporting the required DX11 is VorpX which is not free. DX11 support for Vireio Perception, a free stereo injector, is reportedly in the works.

For now, to utilise this mod, you will need the following:

Basic Installation

If you haven’t already, install SteamVR, VorpX, Grand Theft Auto V. If you’re using the Oculus Rift, you will need the Oculus runtime too.

Install ScriptHookV, OpenVR’s DLL, and the mod

From the “bin” folder in the ScriptHookV zip file, copy “ScriptHookV.dll” and “dinput8.dll” to the game’s main folder where GTA5.exe is located. If you installed the game through Steam, the default location will be “C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft Auto V”.

Also copy OpenVR’s dll file “openvr_api.dll” and the mod file “GTAVR.asi” to the main directory.

If you’d like the very convenient and highly recommended function to unload and reload the mod with the game running, create a new file and name it “” in the main directory (ensure the file extension is in fact “.dev” if your file extensions are hidden). This now allows your to unload and reload mods by pressing [Ctrl+R] (1 beep means mods are unloaded, 3 beeps means mods are reloaded).

You would now have the following files in the same directory as “GTA5.exe”:

  1. ScriptHookV.dll
  2. dinput8.dll
  3. openvr_api.dll
  4. GTAVR.asi
  5. (optional)

Configure VorpX and use the mod

Open the VorpX configuration dialog. Under “General”, select the HTC Vive as your device. Disable all headtracking in VorpX, this will be handled by the mod. You should not need to make any additional changes if you’re using VorpX’s Geometry 3D mode, although feel free to play with the settings to suit your tastes.

Launch VorpX, and launch GTA V (NOTE: If you’re having issues with the mod crashing on activation, launch GTA V as administrator). If you’re using the Oculus Rift, you should start SteamVR at this point. Put your HMD on, and if everything’s correctly set up, the game will be visible through the HMD.

Now go to the graphics section of the GTA V settings menu and ensure MSAA is turned off. MSAA is reported to interfere with VorpX’s 3D functionality.

Start GTA V’s Story Mode (this mod is meant to be used offline, do not attempt to use it online!) as usual, and hit [Numpad 0] to open the VR Mod Menu. Use the navigation instructions in the menu to enable/disable/configure the mod options as you please.

Using the HTC Vive Controllers

Use both controllers.

Right controller:

  • The trigger on the right controller controls shooting/attack
  • Pressing the grip button activates “aiming”
  • Press down on the trackpad to select your weapon group
  • While holding down on the trackpad, press the grip button to cycle through weapons in the group

Left controller:

  • Point the controller at the direction you want the player to move
  • Touch the trackpad to move forward or backward, press down on the trackpad to enable sprinting
  • The trigger controls teleportation

Advanced setup

If you experience issues with performance, try the following:

  • Turn off reprojection in SteamVR
  • Enable expert settings in VorpX, and in-game hit [Del] and try the following:
    • Turn off Direct Mode Show Original
    • Turn on Direct Mode Async Render
    • Turn off Direct Mode Fluid Sync
    • Set Direct Mode GPU Sync to Fast
  • Reduce the graphics settings for GTA V (normal textures etc.)
  • Try other stuff, and let me know if something works for you

Support this project!

A lot of time and effort went into making this mod free for the community. If you liked this mod and/or would like to support the project and developers, please consider donating any amount you’re comfortable with.

There’s a ton of room for more exciting features like including natural weapon handling using tracked controllers and movement control through room-scale tracking. Your contributions will help this project survive and will go towards supporting the upcoming VR hardware!